The Department of Town Quality

The Department of Town Quality is made up of several public work brigades from the Town Council. The tasks carried out by this Department include maintaining the town and public buildings and facilities in excellent conditions for the citizens to enjoy. Its policy area includes street and road infrastructure and supply networks. The Department of Works and Services is in charge of managing, inspecting, controlling and maintaining local infrastructures, facilities and services, and it has a crew at its disposal to perform some duties, from maintaining local facilities to repairing any incidents in public infrastructures, including public works, painting, gardening, plumbing and lighting tasks.

General information
  • Address: Avenida Ifach, 12 – 2rd floor
  • Office telephone number: 96 583 36 00
  • E-mail:
Departamento de Proyectos Estratégicos (Urbanismo, Servicios Técnicos, Vivienda, Obras y Proyectos) y Aguas , 2ª Planta