Volunteers of Civil Protection will be considered as persons who freely and selflessly integrate into the Civil Protection Group, from where the proper functions described in the Regulations of the grouping will be developed.

The volunteers belong to the Complementary Intervention Services and will be functionally assigned in their actions in response to an emergency to the Essential Intervention Services contemplated in Decree 13/2010 of November 22, of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The relationship of the volunteers with the City Council is understood as a free and disinterested collaboration, being based solely on humanitarian, altruistic and social solidarity sentiments.

If you want to be part of the Association of Civil Protection Volunteers, and help and collaborate in preventive tasks such as concerts, parties, fireworks, environmental monitoring, etc. and in emergencies, such as fires, floods, etc ... PLEASE CONTACT us and we inform you. In addition, we give you official training and the satisfaction of collaborating in the service of helping others and the environment.