Free emergency call service (from mobiles and landlines).
The 112 service aims to provide the quickest possible assistance to public members who are at risk, either personal or with collective.
It is responsible of the emergency calls to the 112 telephone number from any member of the public requiring medical assistance, extinction of fires or fire rescue, public security or civil protection, regardless of the Public Administration they depend upon.

  • It obtains Information needed by the operating emergency services from the member of public so they can carry out their operation as efficiently as possible.
  • It sends a warning to the emergency services called into action (and also to those who should be informed), collaborating where possible amongst agencies to ensure the most efficient responses to each incident.

The calls are answered by trained staff who have the task of listening to the caller’s request and processing the information to establish the precise location and nature of the incident, the circumstances, persons affected by it, its seriousness etc. They then transfer this information to the communication centres of the respective agencies responsible for offering assistance.
The 112 emergency coordination centre offers continual assistance in French, English and German as well as the official languages of the Valencian Community.