• Del. Coun. of Urb., Parks and Gardens, Emerg. and Civil Protec., Pub. Transport, Pub. Lighting, Zone Del., Road Painting & Beach

    I. Assets

    •     Properties (according to registry value and vesting percentage) several houses 152,630.00 euros.
    •     Total 152,630.00 euros.

    II. Liabilities

    •     Average bank account balance 3,936.93 euros.
    •     Net income previous year 26,284.73 euros.
    •     Mortgage loan 39,753.73 euros.
    •     Partial loan 3,342.74 euros.

    III. Activities:

    • Net manufacturer (Freelancer)

    Member of the Local Plenary Session

    Deputy at the Informative Committee

    Representative at the Town Council, as a deputy, at the Forest Fire Prevention and Extinction and at the Provincial Consortium of Alicante

    Representative at the Town Council for the Economic Recovery of the Marina Alta (CREAMA)

    34.000 euros per year in her capacity of member of the Town Council as her one and only activity.